A Campaign set compleetly in and around the city of Highpearch, a sprawling matroplis and the capitol of an entire nation witch has never seen this city. For centuries it has been in the center of a mountian range that no one could possibly pass by foot. The only way to enter or leave the city is by air ship witch only those who are specially lisenced to do so.


This Kindom has thrived for 4 centruies using this system of locking the upper class off from the world but rumors have come from the sarounding kingdom of an airship built in secreat. Now the upper goverment of Highperch are becomming nervos because the millitary is all out keeping peace across the kingdom. Only a small royal gaurd redgiment is stationed inside of the city. An attack could overturn the entire rulership inside of a week . 


You are a the kingdoms best in your various feilds brought to Highperch and charged with finding this suposed new airship and distroy it…

Kingdom On High